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Decentralized Autonomy

Join SPECIEX – Where Decentralization Redefines Financial Freedom through DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). We're here to connect you with the right people and unlock endless possibilities for your brighter future. SPECIEX is more than just a community; it's a decentralized ecosystem where innovation thrives, and financial freedom is redefined by the autonomous power of DAO.



We're not merely pursuing innovation; our mission is to elevate the heart of creativity.

Step into the future of decentralized finance with SPECIEX, powered by the Binance Smart Chain. Our 100% decentralized system ensures a risk-free environment where scams are impossible. SPECIEX staking with DAO brings a new dimension to your experience. Operating on a peer-to-peer framework, it ensures instant payments directly to your wallet via our auto-payment module. With no owner or admin, you have full control right from your smartphone. Enjoy quick, reliable transactions with a 100% payout channel in SPEX tokens, making SPECIEX the ultimate choice for decentralized financial solutions with the added power of DAO and staking.

Stake Your Tokens

Seize the opportunity – Stake your tokens now and unlock the power of decentralized financial freedom with SPECIEX and DAO.

How Staking Works

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    Engaging in the SPECIEX staking process is straightforward. Utilize either Metamask or Trust Wallet to stake your tokens seamlessly. A minimum of 10,000 tokens is necessary for staking. Ensure your wallet holds at least 0.02 BNB for smooth processing; a lack of 0.02 BNB might result in a transaction encountering an 'out of energy' status. The default staking period is set at 18 months.

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    Participating in staking not only enhances the network's stability but also yields regular rewards. These staking incentives express gratitude for your support, actively contributing to the continuous development and triumph of the SPECIEX project. It's a symbiotic relationship where your commitment to staking harmonizes with the growth and sustainability of both the blockchain and the SPECIEX ecosystem.

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    Once staked, profits are automatically deposited into your wallet, providing a hassle-free and efficient way to accumulate rewards. Monitor and track your earnings effortlessly through the user-friendly dashboard, where detailed insights into your staking rewards are readily available. This streamlined process ensures transparency and convenience, allowing you to stay informed about your financial growth.

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